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Kidrobot Dunny Sideshow 2013: (1 Blind Box)

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Kidrobot Dunny Sideshow: (1 Blind Box)

Step right up! Step right up! Prepare to be dazzled and mystified by the Dunny Series 2013: ‘Sideshow’, featuring 20 designs by 14 artists.

This sideshow theme boosts new and classic sculpts, stepped up paint treatments and distinct enhancements. If you can handle seeing all these acts in one sitting, you will be left to a world of wonder.

This sideshow is run by some seasoned veterans, Andrew Bell, Jeremyville, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Julie West, Mishka, Nathan Jurevicius, Scribe, and Sergio Mancini. Joining the show for the very first time Ardabus Rubber, Carson Ting, Cris Rose, DGPH, Okkle, and Scott Tolleson. Together these ingenious designs by sensational artists work together to create the oddities of DS13: Sideshow.

You’ll be glowing with envy if you let this exclusive sneak by you.

Will you get your hands on the coveted chase before curtain call?