Ninjatown Micro Plush Series 2 (1 Blind Box)



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You've hugged the plush, you've played the game, now you can experience Ninjatown again with these all-new 2.5-inch plush combatants.

Combatants? I dunno.

What we do know is there are 12 new characters in this series including many of your favorites from the game! And if you're one of the 10 people who doesn't own a DS then you can STILL enjoy these characters because, after all, who doesn't like ninjas?

Here's how the ratios break down for the series:
Super Ninja 3 / 20
Sleepy Ninja  2 / 20
Forest Ninja  2 / 20
Mayor Ninja  1 / 20
Happy Ninja 3 / 20
Lava Ninja  2 / 20
Mountain Ninja 2 / 20
Feroshi (Monument Edition)  1 / 20
Mountain Gort 1 / 40
Business Devil 2 / 20
Mr. Demon (cloud form)  Unknown!
Dark Syrup Blob  Unknown!

*This item is blind boxed, which means you do not know which character you will get until you open the box!

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