Pop! Animation: Hanna-Barbera W4

Hanna-Barbera is back with another great wave of classic characters!
This series of Pop! vinyl features characters
 from various iconic Hanna-Barbera cartoon series.

Breezly, Sneezly, Benny the Ball, and Top Cat
 all join the Funko family.

Coming in October!
Pre-order now!

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

To celebrate the upcoming release of their all-new major motion
picture, in theaters March 24th, 2017, the Power Rangers are
getting fired up with Funko-fied fury!
Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Jason are coming soon
to Pop! Vinyl and Pocket Pop! Keychains!

This winter, it's morphin time!


Pop! Anime: Naruto Shippuden

All-new Naruto Shippuden Pop!s are coming soon from Funko!
This series features Naruto with the Rasengan, the spinning
chakra ball; Naruto's Team 7 cohorts Kakashi and Sakura,
as well as the masked man Tobi!
Collect them all this winter!

Pop! TV: South Park

The massively popular animated show South Park is coming to Pop! vinyl!
This series features the morally-questionable Cartman, naïve Butters,
 tiny Canadian Ike Broflovski, and the vigilante Mysterion!
Coming this winter!

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Pop! Games: League of Legends

Summoners, select your champion! The massively popular 
game League of Legends has joined the Funko family!


Our Pop! vinyl figure series features heroes such as
 Vi, Braum, Jinx, Lee Sin, and Ashe!

Pop! Disney: Beauty & The Beast

It's a tale as old as time!

These Belle and Beast figures are dressed
up for a wintery walk in the snow!

They're joined by Gaston, the handsome huntsman 
intent on winning Belle's love

Pop! Disney: Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh and pals are the latest
additions to the Pop! family!

Head down to Pooh Corner and find friends like
Piglet, Eeyore, Roo, and Pooh Bear himself!

Keep your honey away from the Heffalump and Woozle! 

Pop! Games: The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia is an expert swordsman and Witcher,
hunting deadly monsters for money in The Witcher series!

Geralt is joined by Yennefer, a sorceress; Ciri, a princess;
Triss, a friend; and Eredin, King of the Wild Hunt!


Pop! Games: Resident Evil

The classic video game franchise Resident Evil
is joining the Pop! family!

This series includes Special Operations Agent Jill Valentine and
rookie police officer Leon Kennedy, as well as zombie
enemies Licker and Nemesis!

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