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Android Foundry Display Cases - Hexagonal - 1 Piece

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These display cases are engineered specifically with the collector in mind! Each foam-padded base is designed to fit snugly with other bases, subtly tapered tops allow for easy stacking. Create a custom and flexible display for your Android collectibles, Dunnys, Be@rbricks, or a huge variety of your other mini figures!

The high quality clear acrylic tops keep your collectibles dust free, while filtering out 60% of the UV rays that can degrade the materials and paint colors of your collectibles. There is no big ugly circular injection point on the top of these cases, we moved the injection points off to the side and made them virtually invisible.

- About 3 3/4" diagonal by 4 1/4 tall
- 2 15/16" x 3 6/16" by 3 3/4" internal volume
- Filters out 60% of UV light
- Foam padded base protects your items
- High quality acrylic top, plastic base