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Bimtoy Chanpu Chanpu Mini's Series 1 [1 Case]

by Bimtoy
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Bimtoy Chanpu Chanpu Mini's Series 1 [1 Case]

There are 440 known species of sharks in the world. But since the founding of the new school of oceanographic science, known as Sillyichthyology, as many as 100 new species have recently been discovered, a sub-species dubbed “Chanpu Chanpu”. Sharks such as the Cozy Sweater Shark, the Ninja Shark and the Zombie Shark with Chainsaw Fins, to name a few. Now you can bring home 12 of the newly discovered selachimorpha and become a Sillyichthyologist yourself!

3 inch vinyl figures

Collect all 12 designs plus two chase figures:

  • Silver Chrome (Rare) 
  • Gold Chrome (Ultra Rare)

 Complete set not guaranteed with purchase of case.