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Cyber Monday Mystery Box with Twist

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Original price $12.00 - Original price $12.00
Original price
$12.00 - $12.00
Current price $12.00

Each box contains (1) Funko Pop or Prototype!

Top Hits:

- Kylo Ren Prototype (Value: $750)

- Oswald Rabbit (PPG: $105)

- Notorious BIG NYCC (PPG: $90)

- Lebron James (Error) (PPG: $230)

- Brobee (PPG: $200)

- Clone Trooper (PPG: $195)

Over $1500+ in top hits!

Cap: 200 boxes (No limits)

End of Sale: Cyber Monday (11/27/23), 11:59PM PST!

The Twist:

We are all about innovating fun ways to do things, while providing full transparency!  Real prizes!  Real winners!  No BS!

We will generate a shipping label for EACH "order number". 

If you purchase more than 1 mystery box in the same order, there will only be 1 shipping label generated.



1 mystery box / 1 order = 1 shipping label

3 mystery boxes / 1 order = 1 shipping label

3 mystery boxes / 3 separate orders = 3 shipping labels

We will print out the shipping labels, go live (within 2 business days) on our social media, and draw the top 6 hits.  We will show the city, state and zip.  The name and address will be private and blocked out for security reasons.  While live, we will slap the shipping label on the shipping box.  Each of the top hits will be mixed in sealed boxes so it will be a surprise when it arrives.  

The cap is set at 200 boxes.  The drawing will happen even if we do not sell all 200 boxes.  


Please post your wins on Instagram and tag us at #fugitivetoys!  We love seeing your W's!  =)


All sales are final.