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Disney Stitch in Costume Mystery Minis: (1 Blind Box)

by Funko
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Disney Stitch in Costume Mystery Minis: (1 Blind Box)

Your favorite alien experiment has gotten into the costume box and is eager to make some mischief as the Lilo & Stitch Mystery Minis! Complete your Lilo & Stitch collection with this assortment of new figures featuring Stitch in an array of costumes. There’s Stitch as Cheshire Cat, Stitch as Simba, Stitch as Sebastian, Stitch as the Beast, Stitch as Thumper, Stitch as Gus Gus, Stitch as Dumbo, Stitch as Rajah, Stitch as Pongo, Stitch as Baloo, Stitch as the Beast (clear), and Stitch as Simba (clear with glitter). Vinyl figure is maximum 3-inches tall, varies depending on figure. One figure per single package purchase.


Item selection is random, as each piece is in blind packaging. We cannot accept requests for specific items. You may receive duplicate figures.