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ESC Toy Dynomight Bumrush by Justin Rudy

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ESC Toy Dynomight Bumrush by Justin Rudy

In conjunction with ESC-Toy, Dynomight created this amazing little scrapper. Bumrush stands just about 7 inches tall and has 5 points of articulation. Available now, this red/yellow colorway is limited to 250 pieces worldwide.

Origin: Shanty Town Shipping Yard
Occupation: Traveling Oddity
Interests: Back Alley Brawling, Vigilante Justice, Kickball
Weapons: Meaty Beast Hands!

Many urban myths surround this mysterious wanderer. Just close your eyes and point to any location on a map. Bumrush has probably ventured right beneath your very finger. With grand adventures both near and far, each tale Bumrush creates is more fantastic than the last!

But what drives this little behemoth to roam the world? A search for lost love? Vengeance, perhaps? Or is it a quest for something far greater? Speculations have been made, but answers still evade. (Although, rumor sites on the Internet have been flooded with sensationalism and hearsay).

So keep your ears to the streets and your eyes glued to the distant horizon, for Bumrush will undoubtedly roam into your city sometime soon!

Likes: Fish Tacos, Face Pushing, and Bubble Baths

Dislikes: Cell Phones, Nogoodniks, and Canadian Tuxedoes