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Hasbro x GI Joe Destro Two-Pack 2009 SDCC Exclusive

by Hasbro
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Hasbro x GI Joe Destro Two-Pack 2009 SDCC Exclusive 

Covertly retrieved from a G.I. JOE evidence storage facility and released by the “COBRA Office of Propaganda,” this special edition 3.75” DESTRO 2-Pack represents James “Destro” McCullen’s personal bound tome containing the history of the Clan McCullen. Opens to reveal two fully articulated 3.75” carded McCullen figures with masks and accessories as seen in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, as well as a timeline highlighting the weapons supplying escapades of each McCullen generation throughout history. 

Included in box: 

  • James McCullen XXIV figure
    • M.A.R.S. Briefcase
    • Chrome Destro head
    • 2 Chrome rifles
    • 3 Hand Guns
    • Figure stand
  • James McCullen IX figure
    • Basket-hilt sword
    • Pistol
    • Iron mask
    • Pole Axe with Clan McCullen flag