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Kidrobot x Kozik Labbit & Littons Vinyl Figure Set

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Kidrobot x Kozik Labbit & Littons Vinyl Figure Set

Set includes - One 2.5" Vinyl Labbit and Five 1.5" Littons

Labbits come in many colors and sizes. They are goofy, cute, and pleasantly off-beat. Which ones will you adopt? Why not every single one?

No Labbit is an island and we now introduce you to these disgustingly cute offspring of Labbit... LITTONS. These pesky youngsters are produced by some amazing system of reproductive science unknown to mere ordinary mammals...parthenogenesis or magic? YOU DECIDE! All we really we know is you better stock up on sugary treats cuz these babies are born HUNGRY!


  • Cuddle up with them every night for a great bedtime story.
  • They have strength in numbers so keep them close together.
  • Keep them away from eagles.
  • These little ones are a handful, they need all the love they can get!