Minecraft Hangers Series 1: (1 Blind Pack)

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Minecraft Hangers Series 1: (1 Blind Pack)

Which Minecraft character hanger will be yours? The fun is not knowing until you open the blind pack! Look for all 10 randomly inserted characters: Steve, Skeleton, Creeper, Zombie Pigman, Cow, Zombie, Sheep, Pig, Pickaxe, or Sword. Collect them all!

  • One 3" tall figure with clip hanger per pack.
  • Package contents are hidden. 13 different possible results.
  • Series 1: Sheep, Pig, Sword, Blue Sheep, Cow, Zombie Pigman, Steve, Creeper, Skeleton, Red Sheep, Pickaxe, Zombie, and Pink Sheep.
  • Odds of finding a chase figure, 1:48 packs; Rare designs include Red Sheep, Blue Sheep and Pink Sheep
  • PVC plastic construction.

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