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Obie the Alien Space Cadet 11" Figure

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Introducing Obie the Alien Space Cadet! Hot on the heels of The Saddest Devil, Devil's Head Productions releases its second piece. Created and designed by John McCormack, Obie the Alien has landed!

The Cadet measures a whopping 11 inches tall (including sock). Individually clamshelled and boxed. Limited to 400 pieces worldwide.

Our story takes place deep in outer space.  There was a chance encounter, a passing glance.  A passion was ignited for an unlikely pair.  While eating a breakfast of Super Sugar Chongo Puffs Cereal, an alien named Obie glanced up to see a new discovery.

A planet called Earth was the topic of discussion.  Scientists had found a new form of life there, something called a human.  

He thought this was neat, but upon closer inspection, there was more to the story, this much was certain.  

He paid close attention to a specific detail.  The human had unique, fuzzy coverings unlike anything imaginable. 

SOCKS! Soft and supple, they offered comfort and warmth.  The best part of all, there were two!  Obie lived in a society that was so advanced that things like comfort were sometimes forgotten.

Obie decided that he needed some of those warm fuzzy foot warmers for himself, and searched his planet hight and low, but couldn't find a single pair.  It seemed a mission was necessary, a search of every galaxy, one by one.  And so began the voyage of the alien space cadet.