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Toy2r Qee Designer Collection Series 6 (1 Blind Box)

by Toy2R
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Toy2r Qee Designer Collection Series 6 (1 Blind Box)

Measures approximately 2.5", Qee Key Chain Collection, Key chain is optional, simply detach the head and place holder between the head and the body.

With original designs from artists across the globe, this series marks the re-launch of the art series that started it all. Look for designs from some of the best DIY customizers to top designers of original art toys in this collection

  • Frank Kozik's Toyer Z captured in Qee Bear form 
  • Cameron Tiede's Noctural Decay Boxee Qee
  • Saucernauts creator Charlie Mewshaw's Pinkeye Boxee
  • Lisa Petrucci's adorable Polka Dot Bunee Qee
  • Doink and his Mon Qee 
  • Jon-Paul Kaiser The Great Khan
  • DrilOne Toyer Scout
  • Peskimo's Melee Cat
  • Daniel Jarrett's Ventriloquist Dummy
  • DGPH and his Submariner Bear
  • Raymond Choy's iconic Toyer designed Doggy Qee